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Vacuum Services

Special circumstances in the oil disposal business require specialized equipment. At Universal Environmental Services, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the vacuum equipment and trained professionals necessary to offer our oil recycling customers a solution to backed-up or slow-moving systems. Our expert team is up to the task of tackling the challenges of separators, car wash bays, trenches, drains, pits and sumps.

Through high-pressure vacuum, the UES vac equipment is designed to pump at extreme pressure, clearing out oily water and sludge to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our vac team works hard to remove all the sludge, solids and oily water that slow your business down. When fully cleaned out and evacuated, we will then pressure wash the surface areas. This will ensure the unit is fully cleaned and ready to operate at its highest potential.

In addition to these services, Universal Environmental Services also offers a vac inspection program. One of our vacuum service experts will thoroughly review and inspect your site and make recommendations on what needs to be done to keep your separators, car wash bays, trenches, drains, pits and sumps in tip-top shape and running at an optimal level. At the conclusion of this specialized inspection service and in addition to what the vac expert relays at the time of inspection, the customer receives a thorough written evaluation, often with a supplemental video and photos from the inspection to provide backup data for the work that the vacuum advisor recommends. The inspection services are made by appointment with our vacuum services team.

All regular vacuum services are available on a routine maintenance schedule. A customer can also call in for the first available time slot in their region. In the event that an emergency arises, you can call our toll-free 24-hour number at 800-988-7977 for an emergency response.

Environmental Vacuum Services

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