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Spent Antifreeze Collection

When considering a company to recycle the used antifreeze that is generated, it’s important to consider serval things. Used antifreeze, or as it’s commonly referred to “coolant”, has hazardous substances like heavy metals, it also has organic compounds like ethylene glycol. As I’m sure you are likely aware, glycol can be toxic to animals domestic, wild, and aquatic, so it’s really important it gets handled and managed properly.

At UES used antifreeze gets collected, transported, and managed as a separate stream, so it can be remanufactured and reused. It never gets blended in with other products, so we can capture all the elements needed to provide for a recycled antifreeze that can be offered back to the market. This is what we refer to as a closed loop process, one in which the used antifreeze continues to get reused and never gets discarded. So, when you are considering service providers, considering the environment, and considering the cost, call UES, then you can consider it done.

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