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Fluorescent Bulb Collection

While you know Universal Environmental Services has your used oil recycling needs covered, are you scratching your head over what to do with your burned-out fluorescent bulbs? We know what you’re thinking! How many UES employees does it take to get rid of your used fluorescent light bulbs? None! Well, at least not on-site anyway. And there’s nothing complicated for you to do either. You won’t have to load up a vehicle or take your bulbs anywhere, avoiding all the breakage and time concerns that come along with that process. You also don’t have to worry about whether the way you’re handling them is the proper way to dispose of the bulbs. Our bulb program lightens that load, so to speak.

Let Universal Environmental Services support your fluorescent bulb recycling efforts with a simple and hands-off solution. It’s only a phone call away and it truly is that easy. Just call our toll-free number and we will work with you to determine the size of the order you need to place. Once we determine your shipping requirements, we will send you the cardboard containers you need for your burned-out bulbs, along with the prepaid return labels you need to ship out a full container of the bulbs. All you have to do is fill up one of these containers with your used fluorescent bulbs. Once a container is full, simply close up the box and call the number on the box to have your package picked up and sent on its way.

That’s all there is to it. It really is as easy as a phone call. No need to stay in the dark on this one. Let UES help light the way by allowing us to assist you in the proper disposal of your used fluorescent bulbs. Just call 800-988-7977 to get started with the fluorescent bulb recycling program.

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